Abusive Og
Abusive Og
OG Kush


Level Intermediate Aroma 9 / 10
Flavor 9 / 10
High 10 / 10
Help w/ Pain 9 / 10
Help w/ Sleep 9 / 10
Level Intermediate
Aroma 9 / 10
Flavor 9 / 10
High 10 / 10
Help w/ Pain 9 / 10
Help w/ Sleep 9 / 10

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A hard-hitting indica that brings in some serious couch-lock and massive sedation. The terpenes are strong in this one, putting off a heavy sharp pine odor with a hint of a lemon-citrus in the back of your nose. When inhaled, you will quickly notice the strong diesel flavor too. For those that struggle with pain or insomnia, this one is highly recommended for you. A long-lasting high will keep you out all night long for a better nights sleep.


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Effects : Common effects that people experience

Relaxed 10/10
Euphoric 8/10
Sleepy 7/10
Happy 4/10
Uplifted 3/10
Stress 10/10
Insomnia 8/10
Pain 6/10
Depression 5/10
Fatigue 4/10
Dry Mouth 10/10
Dry Eyes 3/10
Anxious 1/10

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